What is The Ichthyosis Vulgaris Home Remedy?

Dec. 07, 2020

This blog will introduce "Zhangjian Treatment-- Ichthyosis Vulgaris Home Remedy", hope you will get the information that you are looking for.

1.What is ichthyosis vulgaris?

Ichthyosis vulgaris, a type of ichthyosis, is a group of related skin conditions that interfere with the skin's ability to shed dead skin cells, resulting in very dry, dense skin.
Extremely dry, scaly skin is known as dryness.
There are more than 20 different types of ichthyosis, but ichthyosis vulgaris is considered the most common form. It accounts for nearly 95% of all cases of ichthyosis.
Ichthyosis is a relatively common disease affecting about one in 250 people. It usually develops in early childhood, usually between the ages of two and five.
Ichthyosis vulgaris is often called ichthyosis because the scales that characterize the disease look like fish scale skin.

2.The symptoms of ichthyosis vulgaris

Ichthyosis vulgaris slows down the natural shedding of the skin. This can lead to long-term overaccumulation of proteins in the upper layers of the skin (keratin). Symptoms include:

 Dry, scaly skin

 Tiled, small scales

 Scales are white, dirty gray, or brown, usually with dark scales on dark skin

 Flaky scalp

 A painful crack in the deep layer of the skin

Scales usually appear on your elbows and calves and maybe particularly thick and dark on your tibia. Most cases of ichthyosis vulgaris are mild, but some cases can be severe. The severity of the symptoms can vary widely among family members with the condition.
In cold, dry environments, symptoms tend to worsen or become more pronounced, while in warm, humid environments, symptoms tend to improve or even relieve.

3. The Causes

Ichthyosis vulgaris is usually caused by a genetic mutation in one or both parents. Children who inherit the faulty gene from only one parent have the disease. Those who inherited two defective genes had more severe ichthyosis. Children with genetic disorders are usually born with normal skin but develop scaling and roughness in the first years of life.
If the genetic abnormality is unrelated to ichthyosis, it is called acquired ichthyosis. It is often associated with other diseases, such as cancer, thyroid disease or HIV/AIDS

4. When do you go to see the doctor about ichthyosis vulgaris treatment?

If you suspect that you or your child has ichthyosis, consult your family doctor or dermatologist. He or she can diagnose the disease by checking the feature scale.
Always seek medical advice if symptoms worsen or if self-care measures fail to improve symptoms. You may need stronger drugs to control the disease.

5. How do you get rid of ichthyosis vulgaris?

There is no known cure for ichthyosis vulgaris, so the goal of treatment is to control this condition.


 Medicine: Exfoliating creams and ointments. 

Prescription creams and ointments containing alpha-hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid and glycolic acid, help control scaling and increase skin moisture. Oral medication. Your doctor may prescribe vitamin A-derived medications called retinoids to reduce the production of skin cells. Side effects from the medication may include eye and lip inflammation, bone spurs, and hair loss. Retinoids may cause birth defects. Women considering retinoid therapy should be sure they are not pregnant before starting the medication — and use effective birth control while taking retinoids.

 Zhangjian Treatment--ichthyosis vulgaris home remedy

(1)Take showers as directed. The soak helps to moisturize the skin and soften the scales. If you have open sores, your dermatologist may recommend putting vaseline or other products on it before entering the water. This reduces the burning and tingling caused by water

Our Steam Sauna Box will help you: The fumigation process causes fish scales to flake off rapidly. The repair factor and growth factor extracted from Chinese herbal medicine penetrate into the pore microcirculation through steam, gradually restoring the basic functions such as skin absorption and metabolism.

Steam Sauna Box

Steam Sauna Box

(2)Reduce limescale during bathing. The scale can be softened by immersion in water. Your dermatologist may suggest that you gently wipe the scale with a soft sponge, polished powder puff, or pumice stone to reduce the scale and reduce its softness.

Your new choice--Dead Skin Remover Mitt: Immediately after fumigation, wipe the entire body with dead skin removal gloves, especially focusing on the fish scales to remove the dead skin surface. Can't get rid of the stubborn scale skin in one breath.

 Dead Skin Remover Mitt

  • Dead Skin Remover Mitt

  • (3)Use a moisturizer to moisten the skin within two minutes of bathing. A moisturizer can seal water from a bath or shower into the skin.  

Plant Extract Horny Softening Cream---If ichthyosis is accompanied by keratosis, thickening, herniation, and other symptoms, especially if the skin is covered with chicken skin, apply this product evenly to the affected area first.

Plant Extract Horny Softening Cream

Plant Extract Horny Softening Cream

(4)Treat skin infections--Skin Care Set

Please apply special skin essence to the affected area first, and then use ichthyosis vulgaris lotion to cover the outermost layer of the skin.

Skin Care Set

Skin Care Set

6. Tips of ichthyosis vulgaris treatment in homeopathy--about diet

This is a chronic disease that has no cure. However, you can control symptoms by making lifestyle changes. Avoiding certain allergens in your diet can help you avoid causing or exacerbating symptoms.

There is evidence that ichthyosis vulgaris treatment diet does affect skin and skin conditions. Certain foods are more likely to cause allergic reactions and skin problems.

Common allergenic foods include:


 Tree nuts








Whether it's a food allergy or intolerance, your own triggers may be unique to you.

Another way to diagnose food allergies or intolerances is by eliminating diet. This diet is temporary, usually two to four weeks, during which time you should stop eating all suspected allergens. Then, add them to your diet, again and again, to see which ones cause a reaction or make your symptoms worse.
If you want to eliminate your diet, work with your doctor, and dietitian. They can recommend foods that can be eliminated and help you safely reincorporate them into your diet.

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