Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

Oct. 27, 2020

Zhang Jian Ichthyosis Care Center is a non-profit social service organization approved by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau on November 23, 2017. It is the unique organization for ichthyosis public welfare project in China.

We are committed to providing care and assistance services for ichthyosis patient groups, promoting society and the public’s understanding and respect for ichthyosis groups, and promoting social security that is beneficial to vulnerable groups with ichthyosis and other rare diseases.

Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

Ichthyosis Care Center originated from the "Saving ichthyosis patients operation" charity organization, and was established as a non-profit social service organization approved by the government. At present, the care center has rescued more than 1,000 patients with moderate to severe ichthyosis, and more than 800 registered volunteers have participated in various activities.

To help families of children with ichthyosis get medical help and to ensure the healthy growth of ichthyosis children, the Ichthyosis Care Center launched the "Mermaid Angel Project".

Mermaid Angel Qiang

When the volunteers saw Qiang, his skin was like "bark", his face was covered with wrinkles, his whole body was scaly, he was curled up, and a slight movement would tear Qiang’s skin and stained with blood.

After being rescued by the Ichthyosis Care Center, Qiang went to Beijing for treatment with the help of volunteers. His condition eased and the skin began to recover. He was no longer the strange child bleeding all over.

Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

Mermaid Angel Yuan

The protagonist of the second phase is Yuan. In the winter of 2012, Yuan’s mother found Yuan in a cardboard box at the door of the vegetable country fair . Yuan was found that ichthyosis began to become serious in three months. Her skin was covered with scales, and the scales of her scalp were exposed through her short hair.

Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

The Ichthyosis Care Center learned about Yuan's condition and extended a helping hand, donated money and materials to help, and took Yuan to Beijing for treatment. Yuan who had shed her scales turned out to be a very delicate girl.


Mermaid Angel Qing

The protagonist of the third period is Qing. When Qing was born, there were large and small blisters all over his body. Because of the dry and cracked skin, sometimes I can’t get off the ground in pain and I can’t stand up! What worries her most is that Qing is over four years old and no kindergarten wants to accept him.

Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

With the help of the Ichthyosis Care Center, Qing came to Beijing for treatment and achieved good results. Both Qing's mother and Qing were very happy because Qing could finally attend to school.


Mermaid Angel Xiao He

When Xiao He was born, the couple discovered that the child's skin was particularly scary, and the nurse is said to have been screaming. As she got older, Xiao He's illness became worse and worse, and it had affected her normal life. Not only that, because of the scales of her whole body, she was isolated and excluded from school, and even made her unable to study at ease.

Bloom for Love, Breath for Freedom

After the ichthyosis care center's rescue treatment, Xiao He's skin has been restored to be smooth and smooth, and he has transformed into a beautiful little beauty. Now after returning to school, he is much more relaxed and he can go to school with peace of mind.


Ichthyosis seriously threatens the health and quality of life of patients, leaving many families in a desperate situation in seeking medical treatment. The Ichthyosis Care Center hopes to fully mobilize social resources and organizations to provide timely and accurate medical care for poor and difficult ichthyosis patients. Aid to return to normal life.

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