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Zhangjian Therapy has been developed for 46 years and has been in clinical practice for 19 years. We had cured more than 30,000 ichthyosis patients worldwide.

Zhangjian Therapy is currently one of the most effective treatments for ichthyosis in the world. Through the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory and pure plant herbal essence, patients with ichthyosis can quickly get rid of the scales in a short period of time and return to normal skin tenderness and smoothness, and the scales will no longer recur.

We are reaching out to help patients with ichthyosis from more countries around the world, including some college students, seeing their worries about finding a job after graduation, fear, and confusion about the future, we decided to plan “New look, new world!“ activity that allows them to welcome a brighter future with a new and confident look.

18-24-year-old college

student suffering from ichthyosis

Events period:September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

The time limit for applying:September 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021

Activity object:

In order to avoid unnecessary economic burdens on patients due to excessive freight, the fumigation boxes for this event need to be prepared by the patients themselves.

$2,000 "Home Skin Repair Kit" to Have New Look

The "Home Skin Repair Kit" includes

  • Qingliyasi Herb bath powder;

  • Qingliyasi Skin Care Set;

  • Qingliyasi Plant extract horny softening cream;

  • A book of Zhangjian Therapy;

  • Dead skin remover mitt;

  • (The content and quantity of the product may differ depending on the patient's condition.)


  • Qingliyasi products are pure plant extracts.

  • There will be no allergic reactions during the use of
    the product under normal circumstances.

  • But if you experience skin discomfort during use,
    please stop using it immediately.

  • After the allergy symptoms disappear, you can try our products again.

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