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If you or your family are suffering from ichthyosis, these problems will be far away from you and your family after understanding our therapy.

3 steps to away from ichthyosis

Step 1: Remove scales.
Step 2: Dredge sweat glands, hair follicle glands, sebaceous glands.
Step 3: Let the repair factor in Qingliyasi skincare products penetrate into the basal layer of skin through the glands, improve the growth environment of skin cells, and no recurrence.

The ichthyosis will not recur if the skin cell growth environment is healthy.


46 years ago, Zhang Jian was an oncologist. Later she decided to study the treatment of ichthyosis on her own because her daughter suffered from ichthyosis and had not been effectively treated.

She collected the related materials everywhere, and finally, she was inspired by the theory of “massage and bath” in the book called The Inner Canon of Huangdi. After decades of unremitting study and improvement, she has developed the “Zhangjian Therapy” based on herbal fumigation and skin care with traditional Chinese medicines, and finally, she had cured her daughter’s ichthyosis. At present, her daughter is 63 years old, and her skin is quite good. Ichthyosis never recurred to her, and ichthyosis has never been inherited by her descendants.

In 2003, with support from several sources, Beijing Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute was established. And then “Zhangjian therapy” was formally applied in clinical treatment, more than 30,000 ichthyosis patients at home and abroad have been healed until now.


Beijing Zhang Jian Ichthyosis Research Institute

Zhang Jian is the President of Beijing Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute, who graduated from Tianjin Medical University.

She invented “Zhangjian Therapy”, started the history of treating ichthyosis with fumigating method and has overcome this worldwide medical problem: incurable ichthyosis.

Scientific Research Achievements

In 2006, “Zhangjian Therapy” won national patent (Patent No: 3121032.5).

In 2016, after clinical verification, “Zhangjian Therapy” was been awarded a U.S. patent (Patent No.: US 9,241,966, B1).

In 2020, Beijing Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute completed the filing in the United States FDA. (Registration Number:1012724)

In 2021, Qingliyasi Products complete the filing in the United States FDA. (Registration Number :1157094;1157093;1157030;1156983;1157095;1159030)

In 2021, Qingliyasi Obtained trademark registration in the UK (NO.UK.00003575781) and EU (NO.018368128).

Treatment Principle

The essence of ichthyosis is a genetic defect that causes functional disorders of the skin. As the dead skin (necrotic stratum corneum) cannot peel off normally, the generated scales cover the surface of the body. Meanwhile, as the scales tear and pull with each other, pigmentation is easily caused. The typical symptoms are skin lines caused by the scale accumulating, keratosis follicularis, and Hair follicle atrophy caused by sweat gland blockage.

“Zhangjian Therapy” aims at double stimulation of pores and subcutaneous microcirculation through compatibility of combined Chinese medicines and physical functions brought about by their fumigation and thermal force. Finally accelerate the penetration, which helps the blocked and atrophied sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles can grow rapidly. External skin care products continue to nourish the skin and restore the skin's absorption and metabolism functions.

“Zhangjian Therapy” is the only medical institution worldwide where ichthyosis can be cured within 7-14 days through pure external treatment using Traditional Chinese medicine instead of taking drugs or applying hormone cream.

Zhang Jian Therapy

Cure Without Relapse

After being cured with Zhangjian Therapy, patients are advised to stick to use Qingliyasi skin care products for a period in order to maintain the effect of the treatment and keep the skin from drying and peeling.

The main effects of Qingliyasi skin care products is to deliver the repair factors in skin care products to the basal layer of the skin through the three skin glands that have been dredged, and continue to protect the growth environment of skin cells. At the same time, it can prevent the skin moisture loss, moisturize the epidermis, and achieve a more delicate and smooth skin.

Zhangjian Therapy provides patients with three ways to remove scales:

1. Patients with severe ichthyosis are advised to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. For patients with moderate ichthyosis, purchase Home Skin Repair kit to repair the skin at home.

3. Patients with mild ichthyosis can directly choose skin care products for daily care after the daily bath.

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  • Zhangjian and her daughter

    Zhangjian and her daughter

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Remove fish scales

Sweat glands, Sebaceous glands, Hair follicle glands

Two waysto Repair Ichthyosis Skin by Zhangjian Therapy:

1At hospital in China:

Suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and with guidance by dermatologist according to the condition.

2At Home:

Suitable for patients with moderate to mild ichthyosis.

Repair fish scale skin at home by purchasing "Home Skin Repair Kit", and provide guidance by videos and dermatologist online.

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