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  • Does your product contain hormones?

    Qurao Apr. 16, 2021 17:09

    Hello, our products are pure plant formula, which can be used by the elderly, children and pregnant women.

  • Are there discounts in your shop?

    Yilia Apr. 14, 2021 15:12

    Our shop will have promotional activities from time to time, please continue to pay attention to our shop for the most favorable price.

  • Will there be promotions in your mall?

    Abby Apr. 11, 2021 23:13

    Hello, we will have promotional activities from time to time, please feel free to pay attention to our mall to obtain discount information.

  • How to get your products?

    Aurora Apr. 09, 2021 16:34

    Please click on the link to enter the store to purchase:

  • Hi ive been suffering with itchyosis on my legs for 33 years. can i still get help with this

    zee Apr. 05, 2021 13:29

    Thank you very much for your attention to Zhangjian Therapy. We can definitely help you away from ichthyosis. You can send fish scale skin photos via email ( or WhatsApp (+86 15567005795). Our skin experts will help you accordingly.

  • My child’s skin has been dry and peeling since birth, and now his eyelids have turned out. Does he have ichthyosis?

    Alons Mar. 24, 2021 08:58

    Hello, Alons, you can send us photos of your child’s skin via email: face, limbs, palms, chest or back. Our dermatologist will provide specific advices to your child’s condition based on the information you provide.

  • My child was born with ichthyosis. She is now two years old. We have been letting her take a lot of vitamin health products to supplement nutrition but the ichthyosis has not improved. Why?

    Hailey Mar. 17, 2021 15:14

    Hello, ichthyosis is a genetic defect caused by genes, so your method cannot improve the skin of fish scales. In addition, we recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits containing Vitamin to replace health products, and to moisturize and moisturize the skin. Before the age of 2 is the best time to treat ichthyosis, please choose the right treatment as soon as possible You can learn about our products and Zhangjian Therapy on our website and you can ask us questions via email.

  • I have been suffering from ichthyosis since I was a child. I am now 62 years old. Can I use your Home Skin Repair Kit?

    Ndrewm Mar. 09, 2021 17:37

    Hello, we recommend that patients over 60 years old go to the hospital to treat ichthyosis by Zhangjian Therapy.

  • I have been trying various skin care products to treat my child’s ichthyosis but it is still recurring. She is now 9 years old. Will your products be effective for her?

    Gloria Mar. 04, 2021 17:35

    Hello, our product is to completely repair the unbefitting cell growth environment of ichthyosis skin caused by genetic defects through the use of TCM fumigation and the use of functional skin care products, so as to achieve the clinical cure of ichthyosis. In addition, fortunately that your child is suitable for participating in the "Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021" initiated by us and Zhangjian Ichthyosis Care Center. You can click on the link below to apply aid for her.

  • Are the products of the “Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021” available in the United States?

    Loren Feb. 25, 2021 10:16

    Hello, Loren, we have not yet opened a sales outlet in the United States, you can buy Qingliyasi products through our official online store. Our goods can still be shipped normally during the CONVID-19.

  • Hi! I have slight ichthyosis. Was just wondering about treatments that are available. Stumbled upon your website. May I have more detailed information about this? :) thank you.

    Chong Feb. 25, 2021 09:34

    Hi, Chong. Please send us some pictures of your fish scale skin by email, let us confirm your ichthyosis type. If your ichthyosis is slight, just use Qingliyasi skin care set to relieve your condition.

  • Can I go to China to treat ichthyosis after the CONVID-19 is over?

    Xenia Feb. 23, 2021 09:55

    Hello, Xenia, we recommend that you send us photos of the affected area by email.If you have severe ichthyosis, we advise you come to hospital in China for treatment when the CONVID-19 is over. And you could purchase Qingliyasi products to prevent the condition deteriorated of your fish scale skin before that. If you have moderate to mild ichthyosis, we advise you purchase Home Skin Repair kit to repair the skin at home.

  • I have done a genetic test and the test report proves that I have ichthyosis.Can i get some information?

    Sina Feb. 22, 2021 09:52

    Hi, Sina. Genetic testing can help you understand the condition, but it is currently unknown to treat ichthyosis at the genetic level because of the legal and medical technology restrictions. Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute has studied 30,000 ichthyosis patients for nearly 20 years. Zhangjian Therapy can change the cell growth environment to repair your fish scale skin

  • I suffer from ichthyosis vulgaris mild. I still have very flaky skin that is depressing me. Please could u help?

    Kurti Feb. 16, 2021 09:38

    Hi, Jessica. I’m sorry to hear about it, please send us some pictures of your fish scale skin. And temporarily stop using acid products.

  • Why did no one reply to my email?

    Feneis Feb. 13, 2021 10:20

    Hello, Feneis, I’m sorry for not replying to you in time. The Spring Festival holiday is just over. Now we have reply you by email, please check.

  • How to use Home Skin Repair Kit?

    Simmons Feb. 11, 2021 11:41

    It is very easy to use the Home Skin Repair Kit,and suitable for any family. A very detailed manual is provided in the package.At the same time, we will also instruct you by WhatsApp.You may rest assured to use.

  • Where is the registration website for the “Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021” ?

    Bronny Feb. 05, 2021 11:39

    Thank you for your interest in "Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021". This is the registration website of this event :

  • Do you have a Chinese medicine clinic in the UK? I want to learn more about your Therapy.

    Holt Jan. 28, 2021 13:49

    Hello, Holt, thank you very much for your trust in us.We are promoting Zhang Jian Therapy globally in order to treat more ichthyosis patients. However, due to the influence of CONVID-19, there are many uncertain factors, so we cannot give you an accurate answer. We recommend that you continue to pay attention to our website. In addition, you could send us photos on your chest, back, palms, behind the ears, feet, and tongue coating by email. The Ichthyosis experts will diagnose your condition based on the photos you send, and we recommend you the home treatment package If it applies to you, which can achieve the same treatment effect as the hospital.

  • I have sensitive skin, can I use your product?

    Crystal Jan. 22, 2021 13:48

    Hi, Crystal, thank you for your attention. Our products are pure plant extracts. There will be no allergic reactions during the use of the product under normal circumstances. But if you experience skin discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately. After the allergy symptoms disappear, you can try our products again.

  • My grandson has ichthyosis.  It is not convenient to browse your official website on my mobile phone because of Presbyopia. Can you send a document via email so that I can print it out and read it?

    Durant Jan. 15, 2021 17:28

    Hello, Durant,thank you for your trust in us. Please send us what you want to know via email. We will reply to you immediately after receiving your email. If you have any questions, you can also contact us by email or phone during our working hours (9:00-17:30 Beijing time), and we will try our best to answer all your questions.

  • Can girls use ZhangJian Therapy during period?

    Tracy Jan. 07, 2021 17:27

    Hi, Tracy, According to the doctor’s advice, women should avoid their period during fumigation. We recommend you use fumigation therapy after the period, and follow the course of treatment to achieve the best effect. If you have other questions, welcome to continue to leave us a message on the message board.

  • There are scales in my calves. How long will your product cure me?

    Iren Jan. 02, 2021 17:26

    Hello, Iren, thank you for your attention to us, please send photos of your scaly calf and other body parts with fish scales to our email address: After we receive your email, we will ask the doctor to analyze your lesion carefully and reply to you immediately after the the treatment plan and treatment time be completed.

  • I’m in Liverpool, UK. Can products be shipped normally if I place an order now?

    Rechal Dec. 24, 2020 14:29

    Hello, Rechal, we still ship the goods normally. However, by influence of the COVID-19, the arrival time may be delayed but within 14-30 days. We will also send you an email to inform the logistics information after the goods are dispatched, you can track your parcel at any time.So you can rest assured place your order.Thank you for your support.

  • How long can ichthyosis be cured? What effect can be treated?

    Matilda Dec. 10, 2020 21:34

    Hi, Matilda, The treatment time will be different according to the different conditions of your skin. If you are ichthyosis vulgaris, you can choose our home treatment package, which can completely shed the sclae on your skin and return to normal within 7-14 days. To insist on using our skin care set continuously, your skin will be smoother and moisturized ,the most important is that ichthyosis will not recur. Even your skin will be better than normal people; If you with relatively severe symptoms , we recommend you to choose the hospital treatment, under the professional guidance of doctor, you will be treated more professional and effectively.

  • What is the difference between going to the hospital and treating at home?

    Crystal Dec. 03, 2020 15:30

    Hello, Crystal, Home treatment is mainly for ichthyosis vulgaris, and hospital treatment is for patients with relatively severe symptoms and infants. For patients with serious illness, the doctor will make a detailed analysis of your family history and the process of your ichthyosis, and make a targeted diagnosis and treatment plan based on this, and you will get the best treatment effect;For infants and young children, their skin system is relatively fragile, but it is also the best time for treatment. Therefore, it necessary that doctors to provide them professional guidance on the amount and method of using products to ensure safe and effective treatment. For infants and young children with mild symptoms, we will also provide parents with professional guidance from doctors. With this si

  • Recently, my skin is dry and chapped to bleeding. Can“Zhang Jian Therapy”treat my skin symptoms?

    Elen Nov. 20, 2020 14:38

    Hello, Elen, we recommend you use our skin care set to moisturize your skin first, when your skin is relieved,and no longer have the symptoms of chapped to bleeding.You can choose to start using "Zhang Jian Therapy" to repair your skin.

  • My child is only 6 months old, can she use your fumigation therapy?

    Kin Nov. 13, 2020 06:52

    Hello, Kin, after communicating with our professional doctors, we give you the following suggestions:We recommend that your baby can use our skin care set for application at three months to maintain and improve the skin condition, relieving and healing her skin.When your baby growth to seven months old, you can use our herb bath powder to bath her, and with the using of our skin care set for auxiliary treatment, and the children‘s skin will recover soon.

  • Which city in China would be better for treatment?

    Frank Nov. 04, 2020 17:31

    Hi, Frank, We strongly recommend that you come to Beijing, the capital of China. Because The treatment center in Beijing is the largest of our 13 treatment centers, with the most facilities and staff, the most important thing is that only here can provide free translation services to solve our on-site communication problems.

  • I burned my arm a few days ago, can I still apply skin care products?

    Mary Nov. 02, 2020 05:19

    Hello Mary! Please apply the doctor recommended products on the burned area first. You can continue to use skin care products on other parts of the body. I wish you a speedy recovery from the scald.

  • My palm is like an old man’s, and the layer of skin peeling in winter is ichthyosis?

    Adeline Oct. 29, 2020 15:08

    Hi, Adeline,I am sorry that we can not judge your condition just by hearing your description.Please send the photos of your hands to our email address:, and our skin care dermatologist will reply to you via email.

  • Can I use your skin care products during pregnancy?

    Alex Oct. 14, 2020 18:32

    Hi, Alex. Yes you can. Qingliyasi skin care products are purely natural formulas,so that it will have no side effects on the body. Please feel free to use them.

  • How to go to China for treatment?

    Brent Oct. 07, 2020 09:46

    Hello Brent. Please apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy in your country. We have treatment facilities in 13 cities around China. Generally, the treatment time for ichthyosis patients is 7-14. For severe patients, it may take longer time, depending on your address. We suggest that you send us photos of the scale via email:, and our dermatologist will tell you the possible treatment time and cost. And we recommend hotels or apartments near to the treatment center to meet your convenient travel and suitable prices.

  • How long will skin care products last?

    Owen Oct. 03, 2020 07:58

    Hello Owen! This depends on the degree of your condition. For patients with mild ichthyosis, apply it every day for 3-6 months, after which it can be reduced as appropriate.It will be great for your skin by using of our products long-term.

  • Where can I buy your products?

    Harry Sep. 24, 2020 16:45

    Hello Harry! You can buy it during treatment in China,or ask trusted relatives and friends in China to buy it. Because the current users except Chinese around the world are buying our products through relatives and friends in China. If you do not know anyone in China, please follow our website and send us your email address. We will launch our products on Amazon mall in the near future, and we will send you a purchase link when we introduce it. Thank you for your attention.

  • Can traditional Chinese medicine treat ichthyosis?

    David Sep. 10, 2020 20:18

    Hello David. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history and is an important subject in the medical field all over the world. The familiar acupuncture, cupping and massage have been widely used in international medical clinics. In particular, Chinese medicines are mainly pure natural herbs, no chemical ingredients are added, and no toxic side effects on the body. From Traditional Chinese medicine,ichthyosis is due to inadequate endowment, failure of kidney essence, deficiency of spleen and lungs, and loss of body and skin. Therefore, a combination of fumigation and special skin care products is worked. Moderate and mild patients can fade the scales and restore skin metabolism in 7-14 days. "Zhang Jian Therapy" has been clinically for 20 years and has cured more than 30,000 pa

  • What if it can not be cured?

    Chris Sep. 08, 2020 08:10

    Hi,Chris, We have many cases to prove that we are the best and the most professional in the treatment of ichthyosis. As long as we confirm that patients can receive treatment, we guarantee to achieve the results you expect.

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