Analysis Of Ichthyosis

Analysis Of Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is a rare hereditary skin disease with a worldwide incidence rate is around 4 per thousand. Since skin is the biggest organ of our body, ichthyosis seriously damages the normal sweat and metabolic function of the skin. Therefore the patient's skin appears at different degrees of dry peeling, keratosclerosis hardening, and the skin is covered with brown scale, which is common in human limbs. Those severe patients with thickening dark scale and full of the whole body, which seriously affects not only the normal life but also even the metabolism of kidney and other organs, also do harmful to the health of those severe patients.

Analysis Of Ichthyosis

According to symptoms, mode of inheritance and onset time, there are four main types of ichthyosis: ichthyosis vulgaris, X-linked ichthyosis, lamellar ichthyosis and bullous ichthyosis.

ichthyosis vulgaris

gender-linked ichthyosis

ichthyosis Vulgaris

X-linked ichthyosis

lamellar ichthyvsis

bullous ichthyosis

lamellar ichthyosis

bullous ichthyosis

Various types of ichthyosis have many distinctive features. For example, 75% of Vulgaris patients often have keratosis follicularis; X-linked patients have 50% of men and women, but women are only gene carriers and their skin condition is normal. If they give birth to a male, the skin will appear; if they give birth to a female, who are gene carriers but no symptoms.

Analysis Of Ichthyosis

TCM is extensive and profound. In the long-term study of on ichthyosis, we have developed a mature treatment method. Through adjusting and improving the physical conditioning to balanced the internal organ, ultimately achieving the purpose of long-term cure. 

Analysis Of Ichthyosis

Zhangjian Therapy provides patients with three ways to remove scales:

1. Patients with severe ichthyosis are advised to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. For patients with moderate ichthyosis, purchase Home Skin Repair kit to repair the skin at home.

3. Patients with mild ichthyosis can directly choose skin care products for daily care after the daily bath.

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Two waysto Repair Ichthyosis Skin by Zhangjian Therapy:

1At hospital in China:

Suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and with guidance by dermatologist according to the condition.

2At Home:

Suitable for patients with moderate to mild ichthyosis.

Repair fish scale skin at home by purchasing "Home Skin Repair Kit", and provide guidance by videos and dermatologist online.

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