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Welcome to choose Zhang Jian therapy for the treatment of stubborn ichthyosis

Welcome to choose Zhangjian Therapy to treatment ichthyosis. "Zhangjian Therapy" to improve your skin condition perfectly while enjoying the sauna bath by using the TCM fumigation theory and the functional plant extract skin care product "Qingliyasi". This therapy has cured more than 30,000 ichthyosis patients worldwide. Give you soft and smooth skin within 4-7 days, no pain, no side effects, no medication. 

The following will introduce the product and use steps:

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Remove fish scales

To Remove Fish Scales

Two ways to repair Ichthyosis Skin

by Zhangjian Therapy:

1 At hospital:

Suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and with guidance by dermatologist according to the condition.

2 At home:

Suitable for patients with moderate to mild ichthyosis.

Repair fish scale skin at home by purchasing "Home Skin Repair Kit", and provide guidance by videos or dermatologist online.