How does ichthyosis patient nurse skin in autumn

Oct. 21, 2021

The northern hemisphere has entered autumn in October, and dry skin caused by dry weather has plagued our daily lives.

How does ichthyosis patient nurse skin in autumn

In autumn, the secretion function of the skin decreases, especially the secretion function of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, which causes the skin's moisturizing ability to decrease. Even the skin of normal people will have the symptoms of dry skin. Especially for our ichthyosis patients, the increase of scales in autumn not only makes them feel worse but also increases the difficulty of their skincare. Therefore, please ichthyosisfriends strengthen skin care in autumn.

How does ichthyosis patient nurse skin in autumn

At the same time, the dermatologist from Zhangjian Therapy recommends that ichthyosis patients eat more light, and moisturizing foods in the autumn diet, which can nourish the spleen,  stomach, and lungs, and also can prevent dry mouth. Fruits include pears, persimmons, bananas, etc.; vegetables include carrots, wax gourd, lotus root, white fungus, etc., as well as beans, fungi, kelp, and seaweed. Middle-aged and elderly people, patients with chronic diseases should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat, etc.

How does ichthyosis patient nurse skin in autumn

As the weather gets colder, ichthyosis patients will be more troubled by skin problems in winter.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with ichthyosis take ichthyosis treatment as early as possible to prevent more troubles in your life.

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