How to Prevent Ichthyosis in Winter?

Oct. 23, 2021

It is known that ichthyosis worsens in the cold and dry season and relieves in the warm and humid season. So how to prevent ichthyosis in winter?


1. Adjust the diet structure

Ichthyosis patients should drink more water in the cold season and eat more light food that is easy to digest and rich in nutrition.


2. Proper morning exercise

Patients with ichthyosis should choose a site with fresh air for morning exercise. The form of morning exercise should be varied, and speed, strength, and flexibility exercises can be interspersed. Depending on the person, drink and eat before the morning exercise, do not emphasize fasting exercise, and do not eat too much. Elderly patients with ichthyosis should do interval exercise for morning exercise. Patients with ichthyosis should have a regular life, practice in the morning on time, and be persistent. Regular physical examination is also needed to understand the effect of morning exercise in time. 


3. pay attention to bathing

Patients with ichthyosis should not take a bath when they are hungry. The water temperature should be comparable to the body temperature, and the bathing time should not be too long. The water temperature should not be too high when bathing, and it is safer to take a sitting shower.


4. Keep bowel movement smooth

Constipation is not conducive to the discharge of toxins in the body, thus making the treatment of ichthyosis more difficult. The patient's bowel movement is too forceful, which will increase the pressure in the abdomen, increase the blood flow back to the heart, increase the load on the heart, and easily induce angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.


5. Balanced state of mind

Emotional excitement is a big taboo for ichthyosis, and patients with ichthyosis should especially be relaxed and not let their emotions fluctuate too much.


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In short, the key to the treatment of ichthyosis lies in nurturing, ichthyosis patients must pay attention to the care after treatment, after long-term aftercare, the innate physique of ichthyosis patients may improve, and make ichthyosis not recur.

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