Common Care Methods And Medicines For Ichthyosis

Nov. 06, 2021


Reasonable nursing measures are very important for ichthyosis patients, below we will introduce to you the healing nursing and health care measures for ichthyosis patients from four aspects respectively.


1. Common nursing methods


Seasonal changes: We all know that most ichthyosis patients are heavy in winter and light in summer, so winter is the period for ichthyosis care. In order to avoid recurrence of ichthyosis, patients should add clothes in time according to weather changes. Avoid wind and cold to stimulate the skin and pay attention to the warmth of clothing. Prevent the exposed parts of the skin from being frozen. Regularize life and combine work and rest.

Diet: The effect of food on skin disease should not be ignored. Eccentricity or improper eating can cause or aggravate ichthyosis due to disharmony of spleen and stomach. Patients with ichthyosis should pay attention to increase nutrition. Eat more carrots, fresh vegetables, fruits, animal liver, egg yolk and legumes. Do not smoke and drink alcohol. This can greatly alleviate the symptoms of ichthyosis.

Bathing and skin care: the skin of ichthyosis patients is relatively dry. If you have the conditions, you can take a hot spring bath. And apply skin care oil to make the skin soft and moist, reduce scaling and itching. Prevent the skin from being too dry. Prohibit the use of alkaline soap and irritating products.

Keep your spirit happy and emotionally stable: when suffering from ichthyosis, first of all, you should understand that this disease is not contagious. Patients are generally in good health. Emotional stability and happy mood are conducive to the recovery of the disease. As long as you insist on treatment and good cooperation between doctors and patients, you can achieve the purpose of elimination.


2. Treatment drugs


Skin Care Set

Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine is a common way to treat ichthyosis. It is divided into internal herbal medicine and external herbal medicine. Internal herbal medicine, which can regulate its own metabolism as well as circulation, relieves the symptoms of the skin.

Topical herbal medicine generally uses herbs for steaming. Under the action of blood circulation, it is transported to all parts of the body. Topical Chinese medicine can be applied on the surface, relieving the symptoms of the skin and reducing scaling.

When the patient's clinical symptoms are eliminated, medication is also needed to consolidate the treatment. If the skin is smooth and the treatment is stopped as soon as the patches disappear, it is easy to relapse.

Western medicine: For western medicine, treatment for ichthyosis patients is usually topical with substances that increase the water content of the stratum corneum and remove hyperkeratosis, such as urea cream, vitamin A acid, salicylic acid, etc.

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