How To Care For a Newborn With Ichthyosis?

Nov. 20, 2021


Newborns are not yet fully grown physically and mentally, so parents and health care providers need to be extra careful in caring for the disease. So what are the care methods for newborns with ichthyosis?

1. Protective isolation

Place the infant in the infant incubator in the isolation room, and set up a special person to take care of it. The room should be disinfected once a day (including doors, windows, floors, etc.), staff must wear masks and hats, isolation clothes before entering the isolation room, bring disposable sterile gloves when touching the child, strictly implement the aseptic operation, use disposable sterile diapers, burn them after use, wash hands with disinfectant before and after contact, and wash them with water.

2. Keep warm

Infants are placed in the incubator completely naked to prevent infection and reduce water evaporation. All therapeutic care operations are concentrated in the incubator, and the temperature inside the incubator should be adjusted according to the weight and age of the child.

3. Skin care

Once a day, a medicinal bath is needed to prevent skin infection, with a disposable bathing bag over the bathtub, water temperature 38-40 ℃, close the edges to prevent water heat dissipation resulting in the child getting cold, soak for 5 minutes, gently rub the child's skin, so that the gelatinous skin becomes soft and peels off, after the bath with a sterile towel dipped in dry skin, the whole body coated with skin care drugs to prevent the invasion of bacteria and microorganisms, play a barrier role.

In addition, change diapers regularly to avoid skin infections caused by urination and defecation. Parents should be educated on the importance and key points of skin care at the time of discharge, and they can also be contacted by phone for guidance on care after discharge.


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