Why Are There Still Many Patients With Ichthyosis In a Humid And Warm Environment?

Oct. 09, 2021

Patients often have this question: “Doctor, the skin on the legs is particularly dry and rough and has dead skin in winter, and it will be better in summer. If I live in a humid and warm environment, ichthyosis will be cured? "




First of all, we must make it clear that the skin dryness, roughness, scaly and other problems caused by ichthyosis are pathological. Relying only on the external humid climate can not achieve the effect of getting rid of it. At best, it can only partially improve patients with mild symptoms, not visible in summer, and only a small amount of scaly in winter.

Ichthyosis skin is caused by disorders of skin metabolism. The skin metabolism cycle of normal people is 28 days, and ichthyosis patients complete skin metabolism every 3-6 days.


While the scales cover the skin, sweat glands, and hair follicles gradually atrophy and block, and the skin's absorption and metabolism functions are destroyed. This results in the inability to absorb effective nutrients and medicines, and the scales cannot be removed deep inside. At the same time, the skin stratum corneum loses its ability to lock water.  The skin will become drier, so that the scales can not be peeled off in time, resulting in more and more scales, and eventually produce scale-like markings or complicated follicular keratosis (Goosebumps), folliculitis, amyloid lesions, and other skin problems.


How to solve ichthyosis skin? The sequence of treatment is important

① Remove the existing scales and expose the original skin.

② Stimulate and clear blocked sweat glands and sebaceous glands, restore skin absorption and metabolism.

③ Cooperate with targeted skincare products to nourish the skin for a long time and reduce the scales.


Therefore, if you want to make the ichthyosis skin disappear and solve the problems of dry skin and peeling in autumn and winter, you still have to choose a regular method for treatment to help the skin restore its proper function.


Warm reminder: With the advent of autumn, the air humidity drops sharply and the climate is getting drier and drier. Friends with ichthyosis will start to have dry, rough, dry itchy skin. It is recommended to take care of them in advance and take the correct way to relieve them.

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