How to treat ichthyosis at home during CONVID-19?

Apr. 27, 2021

How to treat ichthyosis at home during CONVID-19?

During CONVID-19, due to the need to avoid contact with people, our life and work could not be carried out normally, and medical treatment at the hospital is restricted.

Coupled with a dry climate in winter, ichthyosis patients are in the most torment period, and they are miserable. For patients who are unable to travel for medical treatment, the Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute has hereby launched Zhangjian's family treatment plan for ichthyosis patients worldwide, allowing ichthyosis patients to be treated at home.

Home Treatment Package

It is very simple to use the Home Treatment Package, which is suitable for any family, follow the steps:

Step one: Please install the sauna box according to the instruction. (5-8 minutes)

Step Two: Please put the bath powder bag into 2.5L water as required. Boil for another 30 minutes after boiling. (30 minutes)

Step Three: Pour the boiled water into the steamer. Set time and temperature. (2 minutes)

Step Four: Start fumigation. (20-30 minutes)

Step Five: Rub your body in the shower room with exfoliating gloves to remove the cutin, scales, and dead skin. (5-10minutes)

Step Six: After showering, apply skincare products in order: Skin Essence; Skin Lotion; Horny Softening Cream.

The following pictures are use procedure of home treatment package from a Chinese patient.

use procedure of home treatment package

We will contact you when you receive our products, the doctor and assistant will guide you during the treatment process. You can restore your normal skin within 7-14 days after using the home treatment package correctly if you are a patient with mild ichthyosis.

Under the influence of CONVID-19, the home treatment package of Zhangjian has been well promoted in 2020, so that more than 1,000 ichthyosis patients have been cured and relieved of their pain.

In 2021, the home treatment package of Zhang Jian will be opened to global patients with ichthyosis, to help patients with ichthyosis get rid of scales and towards a better future.

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