How is the "Zhangjian Therapy" that can treat ichthyosis and dry skin?

Apr. 13, 2021

How is the "Zhangjian Therapy" that can treat ichthyosis and dry skin?

"Zhang Jian Therapy" is a therapy developed by Dean Zhangjian after decades of unremitting research and improvement for patients with ichthyosis. "Zhang Jian Therapy" uses fumigation to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and steam to affect the medicine to stimulate the body surface and acupuncture points. Through the Meridians and Collaterals and blood conduction, it further regulates visceral functions. At the same time, it dredges the glands, makes sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles quickly unblocked, stimulates hair growth, restores skin absorption and excretion, and enhances the moisturizing ability of the stratum corneum. It can not only remove scales but also improve the skin condition and the recurrence of scales.





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Remove fish scales

Sweat glands, Sebaceous glands, Hair follicle glands

Two waysto Repair Ichthyosis Skin by Zhangjian Therapy:

1At hospital in China:

Suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and with guidance by dermatologist according to the condition.

2At Home:

Suitable for patients with moderate to mild ichthyosis.

Repair fish scale skin at home by purchasing "Home Skin Repair Kit", and provide guidance by videos and dermatologist online.

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