My Family Really Appreciates You!

May. 10, 2021

My family really appreciates you!

The Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021 jointly initiated by Zhang Jian Ichthyosis care center has been carried out for two months.

With our technical support, 9 children with ichthyosis have been restored to normal using the Home Skin Kit of Zhang Jian Therapy. Their parents were overwhelmed when they saw their children's skin was so smooth. The children who had restored healthy Skin also walked away from the pain of ichthyosis.


At first contact Zhang Jian Therapy, which priority treat ichthyosis with traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, the patients have put forward many questions, our dermatologist has answered them patiently. Moderate and mild patients began to show significant effects after the third use of Zhang Jian Therapy and had fully recovered by the 7th to 14th times. The parents of these ichthyosis children are not only very appreciative of our treatment, even more, grateful to us.

My Family Really Appreciates

The father of a four-year-old with ichthyosis said: "I cannot even describe that how much you and your organization helping me and my family. You are great human beings.”Parents of children with ichthyosis who have finished treatment still want to continue to use Qingliyasi products to keep their children's skin healthy.

Zhang Jian Therapy will continue to be the technical support for Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation2021 to bring about skin improvement for more Ichthyosis Patients and bring changes in their lives at the same time.

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