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What Expert Says: You Need to Know this to Cure Ichthyosis

In daily work, I come into contact with many friends with ichthyosis. Most of them think that there is no need to treat ichthyosis at all, and they only receive treatment for one reason or another, such as study, marriage, making friends, work and so on...But it's not!

Ichthyosis is treated because the skin, as the largest organ in the body, is mainly responsible for the absorption and metabolic function. Ichthyosis has a fast metabolic cycle and scales cover the skin surface for a long time. The atrophy of sweat glands affects the metabolic function, and many patients have no sweat glands on the skin or cannot normally sweat and absorb nutrients. Treatment is used blindly all sorts of protect skin to taste, pure look normal is not possible, because your skin still did not restore function, that is absolutely cannot, metabolize the organ to have liver kidney and skin only, pass to the body other organ also is to have damage. So treatment must be thorough, restore skin function is the key!

What Expert Says: You Need to Know this to Cure Ichthyosis

Today I will talk about a case, some time ago encountered a patient, I give he checked the skin, found no skin metabolism, sweat glands curled up in the pores, occasionally a few sweat gland distribution is sparse, this kind of situation is very typical of ichthyosis associated with disease, patients also don't love drinking water for a long time, I let him test, found in the urine acidity is very high, heavy color, urine specific gravity out of scope, and microbial many impurities, this is a typical nephritis early typical symptom, must attach importance to! The recovery of skin function also helps reduce the metabolic burden of the kidneys, so I told this patient that he had to be treated immediately. When I looked at the patient's urine test a few months after treatment, several indicators dropped significantly.

A few years ago also has a patient with Lamellar ichthyosis,in the age of 21, summer heat stroke caused by acute uremia no rescue come over, this is typical, three liquid metabolism of the body organs must attach importance to and maintain good, skin is the largest body fluid metabolism organ, if not work properly, it may cause harm to the body. Be sure to pay attention!

What Expert Says: You Need to Know this to Cure Ichthyosis

The above are a few typical patients I have met. They have very few sweat glands on their skin and do not sweat freely in summer, which greatly affects the microcirculation of the body. Everyone in the pursuit of beauty, must pay attention to maintain good health, which is the foundation of everything.

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