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Understand the Symptoms of Ichthyosis

Today, I would like to introduce the symptoms of ichthyosis, so as to help people quickly identify whether they really suffer from ichthyosis, and then take the right treatment, ensure a quick cure!

1. Fish scales. Once unfortunate suffer from fish scale disease, so early meeting feels scale is increased obviously certainly, scurf billow is like snow, the parting of beautiful body and scurf. If you have ichthyosis on your head, imagine that the hair is dry and tight with the scales, and the head is covered with chaffy. If the treatment is not timely and seriously deteriorated, there will be itching, pustule.

Understand the Symptoms of Ichthyosis

2. Fish scales. The formation of stripes is because the scales cover the skin for a long time, which causes the skin to be short of water and dry. There are gaps between the scales, and after a long time, the gaps become pear white. It usually appears on your stomach, arms and legs, and buttocks. The diagonal stripes on your arms and legs and the horizontal stripes on your buttocks can be cured if detected early and treated promptly. If not treated, this can be permanent!

Understand the Symptoms of Ichthyosis

3. Hair follicle keratinization. That's also called goosebumps. Generally in the upper arm outside, thigh, neck, and even the whole back, cheeks of the pores have a little red, and even touch will have a grain of raised. Next, hair follicle keratinization makes hair grow not to come out, affected the problem of perspiration, the toxin of the body cannot be released freely, especially in hot summer, more dangerous, as I know there was a ichthyosis patient in Hubei died of this, leaving behind the parents and relatives who are gradually losing the ability to work.

Understand the Symptoms of Ichthyosis

4. Hands and feet chapped. Originally vigorous age, but there is a pair of "old hands", of course, serious words will also burst skin, even  bleeding. This may also happened on your feet. This bring a lot of inconvenience to your life. I believe that you may have many ways to remove the layers of skin, such as dying with your bare hands, bite off by teeth, or even with a knife or something else to sharpen the skin...Which we do not recommend to happen.

Understand the Symptoms of Ichthyosis

In conclusion,ichthyosis must be treated as early as possible! Cure the disease and expecting for a bright future. Cheers!

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