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Tips for Skin Care in Winter

As the temperature drops, how is the skin of dear patients? Here's what patients should do to look after their skin in winter:

Tips for Skin Care in Winter

1. Avoid skin cold, add more clothes in time, and take active measures to keep warm;

2. Pay attention to diet, moderate alcohol use.

3. Take a bath, take a spa bath if necessary, and apply skin care oils to soften and soften the skin, reduce scales and itching, prevent the skin from being too dry, and forbid soap with heavy alkalinity and irritating products;

Tips for Skin Care in Winter

4. Keep cheerful spirit and stable mood: Because autumn and winter are easy to aggravate ichthyosis, our patients should keep a good mood and relax. Mental cheerfulness, emotional stability and ease of mind are conducive to the recovery of the disease.

5. Improve the treatment effect, consolidate the treatment and prevent recurrence. Patients in clinical recovery, some of the patient's sweat pores have not been completely dred up, in addition, the epidermal microcirculation has not been completely improved, if the skin is smooth, the disappearance of spots immediately stop the use of special skin care products, it is very easy to relapse. So persistence is victory!

The above five points of our patients must pay attention to, to remove the scales to improve the constitution, protect the body is a serious matter.

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