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Why Must Treat if I got Ichthyosis?

"Even a tiny glimmer of hope is enough to keep life moving and dreams coming true! Invisible wings, as long as give it some stimulation, will appear, riding the wind, flying over despair, harvest good. In the treatment of ichthyosis, it depends on whether you have seen the light of hope, brave to open the wings, toward the light, fly higher and higher!"

Ichthyosis is a hereditary skin keratosis disorder caused by genes. It is mainly manifested as dry and rough skin of outstretched limbs or trunk cadres, accompanied by rhombic or polygonal scales, with the appearance of fish-shaped or snakelike scales. In severe cases, skin is cracked and skin is stiff, resulting in rare hair and abnormal perspiration.

Many people say that this disease does not affect life and health, so it is not important to treat or not treat, but in fact, ichthyosis will bring patients a lot of physical, mental and life inconvenience.

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First of all, ichthyosis to the patients the most direct harm is the large area of the skin, multiple injury, or even disfigure serious; Because the cutin of the skin thickens, becomes hard, brittleness increases, causing skin cracking and bursting, causing skin infection; In severe cases, In severe cases, eyelid ectropion affects vision.

Secondly, ichthyosis can affect the body metabolism and growth development.

Ichthyosis can make cutin thicken, hair follicle hole blockage leads to sweating, sweat glands are our body's air conditioning, sweating is the most effective way of detoxification, conducive to the metabolism of the human body. If the sweat is always not free, a long time will cause the human metabolic system disorders, and this skin detoxification function is transferred to the kidney and liver, liver and other organs burden increased, the consequences over time is very serious.

Why Must Treat if I got Ichthyosis?cid=3

In addition, the dry itching caused by ichthyosis will affect the development of younger patients, if often due to ichthyosis skin problems, resulting in poor sleep of children, of course, affect the growth and development.

Thirdly, ichthyosis brings patients not only physical pain, but also psychological trauma.

Patients with ichthyosis caused by the appearance of defects often cause anxiety, worry, depressed mood, will seriously hit the patient's self-esteem and self-confidence, resulting in shrinking, self-esteem, self-discard the psychological, serious even will have the idea of suicide.

Why Must Treat if I got Ichthyosis?cid=3

Finally, ichthyosis can also make the patient in school, army, employment, love, marriage and other life events bring great obstacles.

If the condition is relatively serious, the school and kindergarten will consider the feelings of most students and their parents, and the patient will be rejected. Even if the condition is relatively mild, the patient will also be excluded and bullied after going to school...Seriously interfere with normal study activities, unable to concentrate on class, over time, so that the "hope for a successful child, hope for a successful woman" wish failed;

In terms of making friends, falling in love or other social activities, ichthyosis patients worry about the exposure of diseased skin and the loss of social confidence and enthusiasm, which will lead to the formation of a solitary personality and gradually reduce the chances of getting along with others.

Why Must Treat if I got Ichthyosis?cid=3

In fact, although ichthyosis is a genetic disease, but if early treatment can achieve very good results. Only in this way, we won't waste so much time and money in our future life! I don't have to run away from people's eyes anymore.

Wish all of our patients be treated in time and have a happy life.

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