Take the Right Medicine and Embrace a Healthy Life!- Hetang Lin

I am Hetang Lin from Singapore. I am 24 years old. I have ichthyosis and eczema.

Due to my poor constitution since childhood, I suffered from ichthyosis frequently. Every winter, getting rid of dandruff has become a must for me. An accidental opportunity, I pass an aunt and "Zhang Jian therapeutics" formed an indissoluble bond.

Therefore, I began to have an in-depth understanding of "Zhang Jian therapy", including treatment philosophy, treatment type, steps, effects achieved by each step, matters needing attention, specific charges, adverse reactions, post-nursing care, brand credibility, and so on.

When I decided to accept "Zhang Jian therapy" for treatment, I consulted with my aunt repeatedly. Then, in order to further confirm the diagnosis, I talked with President Zhang Jian over the phone. After repeated thinking, I finally chose to go to Beijing for treatment.

When I came to Beijing, I had an interview with Dean Zhang Jian. She explained the process and steps of the treatment to me in detail and showed me the treatment pictures of relevant cases. So I decided to try it twice and see how it worked before I decided to continue. I didn't expect that after the two experiences, the dander on my body was much less and the skin was much more moist, so I decided to continue the treatment.

Take the Right Medicine and Embrace a Healthy Life!- Hetang Lin

Since I suffer from eczema in certain areas, my treatment and skin care have been adjusted accordingly. The nurse treated each patient with great care and gave timely advice and feedback to the doctor regarding the skin type of the individual.

In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, Dean Zhang Jian also prepared eczema medicine for me on a regular basis, and consulted my condition every day to adjust the plan. As a patient, I am very grateful. She can avoid this responsibility in a reasonable way. However, her words deeply touched me: Since she came to my side to treat the disease, I will put my heart and soul into the patient's consideration. This is an attitude, a sense of responsibility of Chinese doctors.

In the subsequent treatment, Dr. Yang also kept an eye on the development of my condition and observed the overall situation before, after and after fumigation. Now my treatment is coming to an end, my scales have been removed benign, and my eczema has been effectively controlled. Of course, my overall condition still needs to be adjusted, and later care and related matters need to be paid attention to.

Take the Right Medicine and Embrace a Healthy Life!- Hetang Lin

After more than two weeks of treatment, my physical condition has changed greatly. However, real health requires long-term unremitting efforts. I know that "Zhang Jian therapy" is only the first step to open the door of health.

Recall two weeks ago, I find the good all the way to the Beijing, when a person wandering outside, all the nurses in the outpatient service really bring my feeling, this is not so much a kind of medical ethics, as it is already a penetrated into each paramedics bones, Zhang Jian therapy to each patient as family sense of responsibility and care.

Maybe some patients are still confused, or struggling to make a choice, or know nothing, or half doubt. Believe me, I have been like you; We are easily swayed, because ichthyosis is a small disease, few people around know it, and even some doctors think it is incurable, which is why there is an old saying in China, "The medical profession has its own expertise".

Take the Right Medicine and Embrace a Healthy Life!- Hetang Lin

Therefore, in the face of treatment, people can have an advanced understanding of "Zhang Jian therapy". After a comprehensive understanding, they can go to the local authorized hospital for consultation, or even have a free experience once or twice. I did this, and I also went from full of doubt, to gradually trust, and then to find my own treatment plan.

I myself belong to bullous ichthyosis, which is very difficult to treat, and now have such good results. Therefore, I sincerely hope that patients friends can find the right way in the pursuit of health, the right medicine, embrace a healthy life!


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