Zhangjian Therapy Return Me A Happy Childhood! -Ming

"I have tried various ways for Ming’s skin disease but none of them worked. I am almost desperate. Will his skin be so bad forever?" Ming's mother sent such a Blog in frustration on her phone one day in 2016.


Ming was born in the suburbs of Shanghai in 2011. He has scales on his skin since he was five years old. This is a skin genetic disease called ichthyosis with a four in thousand probability. It was painful that Ming couldn't help but scratch because of this disease. To prevent him from scratching, his mother had no choice but to tie his hands even though she was distressed.

Return him a happy childhood one week

“Ring, ring", the phone sent messages one after another. There were messages from friendly net pals to Ming's mother: "I hope Ming gets better soon! " "I am very distressed Ming. "Ming's mother was very moved when she saw the message, one of which caught her attention."One year ago, my child's skin condition was the same as Ming's. Then we found a treatment called Zhang Jian therapy. Now her skin is normal as other chid!"

Ming's mother contacted the net pal, she told Ming’s mother that her child had ichthyosis and how her child was treated for ichthyosis. Then Ming and his mother went to Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute to treat ichthyosis.

After arriving at the hospital, Dean Zhang Jian was diagnosed with X-linked ichthyosis. She specially formulated the dosage of Chinese medicine and the time of fumigation treatment based on Ming’s age. Ming's skin has almost returned to normal after 7 days of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation treatment.

Zhangjian Therapy Return Me A Happy Childhood One Week!-Ming


Ming insisted on using the skin care product after returned home, which was developed for the treatment of ichthyosis recommended by Dean Zhang Jian. Ming applied skin care product to the whole body every day, and his skin gradually became smoother and hydrated and return to normal six months later. Finally, he returns to spend a happy childhood.

Since ichthyosis turns severe only in autumn and winter, and Ming has already been cured at a young age, he does not need to apply  skin care products frequently to maintain normal skin in his daily life except in the autumn and winter seasons, Qingli Yasi skin care products will be applied once a week to ensure that ichthyosis will not recur. As a member of Zhang Jian Therapy, Ming can also go to the hospital for two free consultations and skin care every year.

Return him a happy childhood one week

Ming was cured ichthyosis and never recurred within two years. Ming is also cheerful and lively and works hard to make progress. Their family has been living a happy life.


When he came to the hospital for a follow-up visit two years later, his skin returned to normal, and be more tender and healthy than the same age.

Return him a happy childhood one week

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