"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence

The young man’s name is Dong. He used to work as a waiter in a restaurant in Beijing.Dong always wears long-sleeved trousers to cover his “fish-scale skin”even in summer beacause he knew he had ichthyosis. But once, he could not hide his severe fish scale skin. He was seen by a customer. The picky customer left the restaurant immediately. The boss had a friendly negotiation with him and asked Dong not to come to work because of business difficulties. He became an unemployed person that day.

"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence

Dong worries in the rental house every day because he has no financial resources. But fortunately, there are other opportunities. By chance, his friend heard that "ZhangJian Therapy" could treat his ichthyosis, and he quickly informed him. He immediately called the local Zhangjian Ichthyosis Research Institute in Beijing for consultation, and the next day he went to the hospital to find out that it could be treated. After 7 days of treatment by ZhangJian, his skin has improved significantly. The picture below is the comparison before and after treatment.


"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence

Dong is willing to continue treatment because the effect is good . He insists on treatment, the scales are removed, the skin is smooth, and the calves that have never had leg hair actually grow hairs, which makes him very excited.


"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence

After more than a year in the hospital, Dong’s skin  has not relapsed. He said that he has now found a better job and has met his expectations. Hope he can get better!

"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence

"Fish Skin Boy" Regain confidence 

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