It's the first time that I have seen my son's skin clear since he was 6 months.

With the Saving Ichthyosis Patients Operation 2021, we have helped 10 children with Ichthyosis to have healthy skin. Their parents are overwhelmed with emotions after seeing their children's skin is so clean.


Among the children we helped with ichthyosis, Simon(used an) from Nepal was the youngest. His father was very anxious when he got in touch with us by email. We send the Home Skin Kit for him very soon. A week later he received the package, and the same day he installed the Fumigation Box for the child, he began fumigating for Simon the next day. During the treatment process, Simon's father asked questions and sent photos about his child's skin appearance every day, our Dermatologist answered all the questions for him in detail.


After 14 days of treatment, Simon's fish scale skin was as clean and smooth as a normal child's. His father said excitedly: "It's the first time that I have seen my son's skin clear since he was 6 months."

If your children with ichthyosis also need help, please let them get help from us.

If you need help, please get in touch with us.

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