All my scales disappeared in 7 days

Helen, from the US, found Zhangjian Therapy through Google search in August and consulted us about her dry, scaly skin that had been bothering her for years.  After communication, our dermatologist diagnosed her with mild Ichthyosis Vulgaris and provided her with a home treatment package for 7 days.

All my scales disappeared in 7 days

After the package arrived in the United States, our dermatologists assistants and customer service staff built a home treatment group for her to guide her daily. Helen send photos of the skin before and after treatment every day, and our dermatologist gave treatment suggestions based on her skin changes.


All my scales disappeared in 7 days

After 7 days of treatment, Helen's skin recovered very well, and her skin scales were completely removed. She is very grateful to us, and still insists on applying Qingliyasi skincare products every day.

All my scales disappeared in 7 days

More and more overseas patients find Zhangjian Therapy to treat ichthyosis, and we will continue to provide them with ichthyosis consultation and treatment. Looking forward to bringing healthy skin to more ichthyosis patients around the world!

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