Finally I Can Let My Skin Breathe Air Freely! -Nova

Dr. Yang: "We have been treating ichthyosis for 20 years. We have achieved certain results and gained some popularity. Therefore, many foreign patients have also begun to understand us and hope to treat ichthyosis through our therapy.

Finally I Can Let My Skin Breathe Air Freely! -Nova

In 2017, a Russian family came to our hospital. Their 16-year-old daughter Nova suffered from bullous ichthyosis. She has been to many places and treated many times, but the results were not very good. Finally, she decided to come to Beijing, China, apply Zhang Jian therapy to solve years of troubles.

At the first visit, Nova had brown skin lesions, local chickenpox and ringworm marks, even in the scalp and ears. The patient said that the disease was very painful, especially in winter, the symptoms were more serious, not only pain but also itching.

It was about mid-June, and the weather was already very hot, but due to the skin of the fish, when the girl came to the clinic, she was still wearing a coat. When she opened her coat to check her skin condition, the skin on her body became red..

Finally I Can Let My Skin Breathe Air Freely! -Nova

According to the patient’s condition, we use prescriptions and special fumigation together to treat. After more than half a month of treatment, the scaly skin lesions on the body were basically removed. The subsequent treatment was carried out with skin function repair. The entire treatment course was less than one month. The patient's skin returned to normal, and he came with shorts when she said goodbye. Nova was very happy and said that she could finally let her skin breathe air freely!

Finally I Can Let My Skin Breathe Air Freely! -Nova

“The problems that had plagued her family for more than a decade were resolved and the girl's parents showed their appreciation and posed for a photo with us.”

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