Earlier Treat Ichthyosis Skin Meet The Optimal Treatment Age

Jun. 19, 2021

Earlier Treat Ichthyosis Skin Meet The Optimal Treatment Age

We have seen too many ichthyosis patients with problems of family breakdown or unsatisfactory relationship life caused by ichthyosis. Ordinary people may experience the ichthyosis skin hurts in their life. We know that having healthy skin is a lifelong dream for every ichthyosis patient.


A few days ago, the ichthyosis patient came for consultation and treatment. He was a young man. I could feel that this young man was very unconfident. The culprit was ichthyosis. The young man said that when he was in school, his classmates always made fun of him and even snubbed him. After starting work, he was in a relationship with a girl but they broke up because of his scales skin...

Earlier Treat ichthyosis skin Meet the optimal treatment age

Later, he listened to the advice of our dermatologist and had a 7-day treatment plan. The scales were removed in only 3 days. The young man was very happy. He also said he would have come earlier if he knew that it was so easy to remove the scales. He obviously felt a lot more confident after that treatment.

Earlier Treat ichthyosis skin Meet the optimal treatment age

Ichthyosis is a hereditary skin keratotic disease, mainly manifested as dry skin. It often occurs in childhood, mainly manifested as dry, rough, scaly, or snake-like skin on the limbs or trunk. The cold and dry seasons aggravate, and the warm and humid symptom-relieving.

Therefore, it is reminded that ichthyosis patients should treat ichthyosis as soon as possible.

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Two waysto Repair Ichthyosis Skin by Zhangjian Therapy:

1At hospital in China:

Suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and with guidance by dermatologist according to the condition.

2At Home:

Suitable for patients with moderate to mild ichthyosis.

Repair fish scale skin at home by purchasing "Home Skin Repair Kit", and provide guidance by videos and dermatologist online.

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