Daily Skin Care Advises For Ichthyosis Patients

Jun. 16, 2021

"Zhang Jian Therapy" has been in clinical practice for more than 20 years and has cured more than 30,000 people. Our treatment is divided into three steps. The first step is to use fumigation to help you remove epidermal scales; The second step is to dredge the three major skin glands (sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair follicle glands) to allow your skin to breathe freely; The third step is through the post-care allows the repair factors in the skincare products to completely penetrate into the basal layer of your skin, improve the skin growth environment, and allow young cells to replenish nutrients in time so that the cells growth environment be healthy,  the fish scales will not recur.

For patients who have not been treated in time, daily skincare is also very important. We provide you with some daily care advice. They can prevent your ichthyosis from getting worse although these methods cannot cure your ichthyosis.

1. Take a bath with hot water every day and rub off the dead skin on the fish scales skin/dry skin on the legs.

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

2Apply moisturizing products to hydrate skin and then vaseline the whole body every day. 

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

3Do not use medicines or skincare products that contain acid and hormones. It will take irreversible damage to the skin.

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

4Avoid strenuous activities under the sun. And keep sun protection. 

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

5. More eating foods containing vitamin A.

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

6. Avoid drinking alcohol and irritating food. 

Daily skin care advises for ichthyosis patients

Hope that advice will help you alleviate the hurts of ichthyosis. Everyone should remember that ichthyosis is a skin disease, and the ichthyosis treatment cannot be achieved by only applying moisturizing products. Therefore, earlier treatments do the best to repair skin function.

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