21st Anniversary of Zhangjian Therapy

Mar. 05, 2024

From March 2003 to March 2024, Zhangjian Therapy has been clinically treating ichthyosis for 21 years.

Dean Zhang Jian devoted five years of research to the ichthyosis treatment for her daughter and finally successfully cured her daughter's ichthyosis. In order to help more ichthyosis patients, Dean Zhang Jian applied her therapy to clinical practice. In the next 21 years, Zhangjian Therapy treated more than 40,000 ichthyosis patients,some patients are treated at home through our treatment group guidance, and some patients traveled thousands of miles from abroad to China for ichthyosis treatment in our hospital.

Thank you to the ichthyosis patients for your support and trust in Zhangjian Therapy over the past 21 years. We will continue to work hard to restore the skin of more patients to normal.

21st Anniversary of Zhangjian Therapy

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