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Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis

Through long-term contact with ichthyosis patients, their attitudes towards ichthyosis mainly fall into the following categories:

Type of “ignorance”


Among the many patients with ichthyosis, many of them are located in remote areas. Their living environment makes them not pay too much attention to their appearance. Therefore, it is not so important for them whether the ichthyosis can be cured.


The reason for this is that they have not yet understood in a deeper level the dangers of the various syndromes of ichthyosis far beyond what they can known.

Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis

Type of “Hopeless”


As the saying goes: You always follow what you think. Ichthyosis occurs more often when they were young. Many parents of patients they often took their children to famous skin specialist hospitals when they learned that their children had ichthyosis. Some patients have been treated since childhood,what did harm to other organs of the body have problems,and the ichthyosis have not been cured.


Some patients have used Hormone Drugs since young to unbalance skin system , which increases the difficulty of future treatment;In addition, some people tried exchange transfusion, but the disease was not cured.......

Experienced those wrong ways, they could not believe that ichthyosis was curable.

Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis

Type of “No next step”


It said to be ill for a long time as medical care. Many ichthyosis patients have a lot of medical knowledge about ichthyosis because they have been ill since they were young: Ichthyosis is caused by genetic problems, so since the current medicine cannot change the gene, what is the point of continuing treatment if genes cannot be changed?

Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis

Type of“Laziness”


Such patients often give up treatment because they need to take care of the skin, but spending money on skin care will make people look more delicate. People without scale skin still spend a lot of time on skin care, not to mention that scale skin is only used for extremely dry scales. Skin care, on the one hand, can make your skin scales no longer appear, on the other hand, use targeted skin care products, the skin condition will be better than that people of the same age.


With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to appearance. Appearance plays an increasingly important role for a person. Paying attention to one's skin health will make life more beautiful.


Then it is particularly important to get rid of ichthyosis skin. First of all, it must be clear that the treatment of ichthyosis focuses on restoring skin function. Ichthyosis is a metabolic disorder of the skin caused by genetic problems. Chinese medicine says that congenital deficiency, which need to be cured by conditioning. “ Zhang Jian therapy ”, to  removing scaly and also repair the basic functions of the skin.

Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis


"Zhangjian Therapy" through a joint investigation with the China Gene Bank (formerly BGI) found that the skin metabolism cycle of ichthyosis is faster than that of ordinary people. Normal people have 28 days as a metabolic cycle, while ichthyosis patients have a skin metabolism cycle of 2-5 days. The metabolized stratum corneum adheres to the skin for a long time and forms scales. "Zhangjian Therapy" has summarized a set of non-recurring prescriptions based on 20 years of clinical experience. The treatment requires three steps: The first is thoroughly remove and deep clean the scales;The second is to open the hair follicles, dredge the sweat glands to stimulate perspiration to be normal;The third is, accelerate the skin microcirculation, which can absorb nutrients from the outside, enhance the skin's own water content, and improve its own functions. Finally, the purpose of long-term healing is achieved.


"Zhangjian Therapy" obtained the patent medical clinical verification certificate in China and Us, was certified by the China Food and Drug Administration, approved the clinical project by the Ministry of Health, and was invited to cooperate with the China Gene Bank for research;

Wrong attitudes towards ichthyosis

"Zhangjian Therapy" was founded in 2003. It was first applied clinically in 2000. A large number of cases have been patented for clinical technology. “Zhang Jian Therapy”implemented a membership management system (more than 30,000 registered members) in 2008. Due to the large number of cases, it have been invited to research with the China Gene Bank.


At the same time, "Zhangjian Therapy" has received ichthyosis patients from Russia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Southeast Asia, etc, and has the largest ichthyosis rehabilitation archive in China! Once invited by international rescue organizations to carry out technical support and clinical technical guidance for ichthyosis.

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