These three glands cause dry skin

Jan. 21, 2021

These three glands influenced by the accumulation of fish scales skin on legs cause dry skin.

In the dermis layer of the skin that invisible to the naked eye: sebaceous glands, hair follicles, sweat gland.

fish scales skin on legs

Under normal circumstances, they cooperate with each other to discharge metabolic waste and sweat. It secretes sebum, nourishes the skin smooth and soft while locking in moisture, maintaining the overall balance and health of the skin, just like this:

However, because the skin of ichthyosis patients is covered with scales, the hair follicles suffer first. The horny at the entrance of the hair follicle is overgrown, forming a keratin plug to block the hairs inside. (This is the common keratosis of the pilaris in our ichthyosis patients. In addition to the inability to grow hairs, the secretion of sebaceous glands will also be abnormal, and the skin oil cannot reach the skin surface to form a protective film, resulting in dry and itchy skin.

Of course, the sweat glands of the body temperature dredge are also implicated, scales accumulate, the sweat glands are blocked, and sweat cannot be discharged smoothly when exercising or sick.

The temperature of the environment in the skin rises, and the protein changes its structure due to the high temperature, forming scars or pigmentation. The final manifestation is markings.

This series of injuries will eventually lead to disorders of the body's metabolic system.

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