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Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis

There is nothing more to please than have smooth skin for people suffering from ichthyosis. Dry skin like bark brings physical pain and a lot of inconveniences in the study, work, and life. Therefore, they are very eager to 

have normal skin no matter how much will cost.

 Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis 

Treatment in wrong ways causes more harm to the body than no treatment.


Misunderstanding 1


At present, western medicine to treat ichthyosis is mainly used topical grease cream, urea ointment, topical calcipotriol, tazarotene. Those components of these drugs are corticosteroids basically, which have the effects of anti-allergic, anti-itching, and inhibiting inflammation. This type of topical medicine can fall off the scales by dissolving the adhesive lipids between the stratum corneum. Although the problem is temporarily solved, it cannot solve the problem of skin epidermal cell defects.


Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis

Long-term use of this type of medicine can also cause negative effects such as skin lesions. It is easy to form dark spots and crusty skin, which will cause the drug resistance to make the scales heavier and heavier. This will cause some patients to toughen the skin and cannot sweat for life, which will have a negative impact on kidney function. A variety of side effects can cause skin thinning, fragility, atrophy, telangiectasia, fungal infection, acne-like dermatitis, etc. after a few months or years.

Misunderstanding 2


Oral drugs will increase the burden on the viscera and organs during treatment. After entering the body, they will be absorbed through the stomach and intestines, then detoxified through the liver, and finally delivered to the skin. This process not only causes great damage to the liver and kidneys but also requires a long period of time to persist in taking the medicine to see obvious effects. It is difficult for patients to persist.


Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis


Misunderstanding 3

Many ichthyosis patients have been to hospitals in various places for treatment. They were told that ichthyosis is a   genetic problem and cannot be cured, so they think that just need to moisturize the skin with moisturizing skincare  products. However, traditional moisturizing products, such as glycerin, only absorb moisture from the surrounding  environment,  but it will absorb moisture from the skin in a dry environment. Therefore, patients with ichthyosis   should use it with caution. There is another kind of moisturizing product that just forms a protective film on the skin  surface to retain moisture, and cannot achieve the effect for treatment ichthyosis.

Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis 

Misunderstanding 4


Some patients think that “ichthyosis is just unsightly but does not affect their health, it does not matter if it is cured or not”. But that's wrong. Ichthyosis has a very large impact on health. For some patients, it is even life-threatening. They all have one thing in common that the skin sweat glands are blocked and they can’t sweat normally. We must know that sweat glands like the air conditioner of our bodies, once sweating function is unnormal, it will not only cause disorders of the body's metabolic system but also disturb the balance of meridians and affect the immune system.


 Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis


Is there an effective way to treat ichthyosis?


TCM believes that the lack of congenital endowment can be improved through acquired conditioning, and the balance of the lungs can be adjusted to achieve both internal and external treatment, and ultimately achieve the long-term cure.


The TCM prescription directly acts on the damaged parts of the skin with abnormal microcirculation through external treatment, which uses heat and physical stimulation to fall off the scales quickly, and at the same time penetrate the pores and microcirculation, accelerate the re-growth and recovery of the atrophied sweat glands. The vitality of subcutaneous tissue cells can continue to moisturize and nourish skin cells, and ultimately restore basic functions such as skin absorption and metabolism.

 Stay away from the misunderstanding of treating ichthyosis

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