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Why I havent cured ichthyosis after so many times try?

Why scales always recur?

Many patients have used large numbers of moisturizing lotion and acid-containing lotion, or oral medicine to relieve ichthyosis.

Moisturizing lotion:

It can only make the dead cells "pretend" to fill up, visually feel that the scales are reduced, but it has no therapeutic effect at all.  

Acid-containing lotion:

Can quickly erode scales and make them fall off, so that the fish scale skin looks like normal skin from the appearance, but the skin does not restore the normal function, so scales back again.  And use acid lotion for a long time, the skin will be thinner and thinner and have pigmentation.  

Oral medicine:

As an oral medication specially designed to soften and exfoliate skin, it is only suitable for patients with severe ichthyosis, and women can only become pregnant 2 years after stopping the medication. 

Non-Targeting-Ichthyosis treatment:

Products or treatments that are suitable for most common skin diseases do not cure ichthyosis.

Knowing the products we've used helps us understand why ichthyosis always recur.

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Treat ichthyosis only to remove scale?

Is ichthyosis impossible to cure?

Due to genetic problems of ichthyosis patients, the growth of epidermal cells from basal layer to cuticle is obstructed. Some young cells in the basal layer prematurely decay into dead cells (cuticle) due to loss of nucleus or atrophy of cell function. The metabolic cycle of normal skin cells is 28 days, while the skin cells of ichthyosis patients skip the normal growth cycle of "middle age" and the "juvenile stage", from "youth stage" directly enter into the "death stage" with only 3-5 days of metabolic cycle. Therefore, the cells of premature died and stick tightly to the skin surface to form scales, which not only is not beautiful but also blocked the growth and secretion of sweat glands, hair follicles and grease glands.

Skin, as the largest metabolic organ of the human body, not only ensures unimpeded breathing and regulates human temperature, but also takes the important responsibility of discharging waste from the body. Once it fails to work properly, it will bring serious harm to kidney, liver and other important organs.  

Epidermal Cell Stratified Diagram

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Normal skin(28 days)

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Ichthyosis skin(3-5 days )

So ichthyosis is Not just a matter of Appearance!

Only by restoring the basic metabolic function of skin, ensuring the expedite of glands, providing nutrition for premature aging cells and making them grow healthily, is the key for ichthyosis treatment, and the only way to the overall health of human body.  

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3 steps to cure ichthyosis:  

1, Remove scales.  

2, Dredge sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair follicle glands.  

3, Nourish premature skin cells and restore metabolic dysfunction.  

Ichthyosis no longer recurs!


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